Richard O. Burdick's
(I Ching Music)

CD40 is nearly ready. August 8, 2016 I am re-recording Horn Quartet No. 4 movement one Today. This will complete the recording.

CD39 is being release August 3rd, 2016 - A Squeal to CD15 Bach Easter Oratorio and my Favorites album - CD17.

A nice version of Silent Night with a simple natural horn obbligato, that I arranged for the Regina Symphony Orchestra core a couple of years ago.

CD38 released Dec. 6th, 2015: Matthew Locke's Broken and Flatte Consorts performed on three horns with Finke Triple horn

The demo of my "Little Symphony", Op. 223 for for orchestra. 8:15 great "Canadian Content"!

CD37 Microtonal music of Richard Burdick

Opus 16, Polaris Overture revision and demo are done.

CD36 Classical Natural Horn Music By Duvernoy & Schneider
is released September 20, 2015 on CdBaby

June 2015 - all ten of my Chamber Symphonies are published and available to be heard in demo's on youtube.

I have added five new demo's of my compositions to my youtube channel so far this year:
Winter Play-list

My newest composition: Icy Lots, Op. 208 for Clarinet, Horn, Piano, Marimba and Vibraphone Demo is available to enjoy!

February, 2014 I have a growing list of sample videos of my compositions on youtube. See the play-list in the center of this page.

Nov. 30, 2013 I have been working on demo versions of my duets.
I have a few now in demo-video on youtube:
Duet No. 1 for clarinet and horn, Op. 35
Duo "The Holy Fountain" for horn and double bass, Op. 54
Suite in D for violin and horn, Op. 72

Thank you to Adeline Tomasone who coached the trio for the premiere of my "September Summer 2013, Op. 155b" @ Boyer College of Music and Dance. Part of Temple University. The premiere took place Nov 7, 2013 with Elisa Muzzillo, flute; Tian Ming Yang, clarinet and Kelly Larkins, horn

Sept. 26, the final copy of "The Peacock" Op. 82 for Flute, Vibraphone, horn and bass is done and posted to youtube.

My Horn Rondo, Op. 199b Premiered Monday September 23, 2013 as part of the Regina Symphony Orchestra Chamber Players School concert. There should be over 30 performance of this little piece this year.

Monday, August 19, 2013
CD35 Twenty-two Trios for Horns, Op. 156 became available from CD Baby

Thank you to Doug Thorley ad Tony Clements for performing the premiere of Church Suite II, Op. 193
Friday June, 28 2013 @ The Holbrooke Hotel in Grass Valley California!

Thank you to the Music in The Mountains Festival horn section (Pete Nowlen, Cara Jones, ROB & Phil Richardson) for FOUR performances of the finale of Quartet, Op 39 (June 26 & 27 2013)

Thank you to the RSO horn section for their December 9, 2012 concert @ the Downtown public library in Regina for performing my Quartet, opus 39

Thank you to the Electrum Brass Trio for playing several performances of my Electrum Fanfare IV, opus 165

I am very please to announce that I am one of the featured composers this month at:

First Horn Showcase Dec. 9, 4 p.m. 2010
Richard Burdick, the Regina Symphony Orchestra's principal horn, will perform Haydn’s Horn Concerto #1 with the RSO Chamber Players.

Another new friend on facebook wrote "I know of you by your very impressive recordings of Dauprat."

Another big thank you to my friends Shaun and Marc for playing with me on the premiere of my Free Trio #2, opus 167 The recording has been posted HERE

A big thank you (and a free composition) to American Horn Competition winner Andrew Pelletier:
Andrew Pelletier wrote "Your "I Ching" etudes have made it into my daily routine and get used in recital"

"I think you're one of the very few players thinking and composing/performing in a new, original way.
From your etudes to your hand horn recordings, I can't think of another performer who is trying so many new things."

Sound file of Planet's sonata from May 27th 2011 concert
can be hear here: SOLO CONCERT #126

Larry (on facebook) wrote: "I have some of Richard's CD's.
He expands concepts of what music and horn can do." 

A free copy of the sheet music for Opus 49 "Sculpture V" for solo horn has been added to the web site. (Also see the free stuff link above).

THANK YOU to the Regina Symphony Orchestra Chamber Players for premiering my Chamber Symphony #9, Opus 140 Saturday March 19 2011!

The full recording of CD28 I Ching Waves (complete waves) was heard on the radio "Komodo Dragon Show" Wednesday, April 6th.(2011) The program airs from 8-11am CT on CJUM 101.5 in Winnipeg, and www.umfm.comonline

The full recording of CD2 I Ching Arpeggios (all 158 minutes) was broadcast on the radio "Komodo Dragon Show" Wednesday, February 16th.(2011) The program airs from 7-11am CT on CJUM 101.5 in Winnipeg, and www.umfm.comonline

Opus102 "Planetary Ripples" for 16 similar instruments. Has been added to the free list on the header because of the full recording - FREE

A free little "etude" has been added to the web site: opus39a

A new blog post has been uploaded:

Electrum Fanfare opus 165#3 sound file posted

Free Trio #1 Premiered May 9th 2010
The sound files now con be heard here:
opus 160

The opus 162 Cantaria for Horn quartet page has
been worked on and a free recording
has been added.

The full list of Cd's page is being revised. I will have
a few new CD releases soon and I am re-releasing
a few older Cd's with some improvements.

December 2010 my Newest CdBaby release
(99 cent single)
(this is the CdBaby link)

Classical Gas by Mason Williams is being recorded July 10-12, 2007

We found an old review: (1982 with the Circle Wind Octet)
Burdick “burbled” a high note at the beginning but settled down to produce a river of beautiful sounds that seemed to come form everywhere. His forte low register was assertive, clean and flexible; high middle and upper ranges floated on a seemingly inexhaustible stream of air. His Richard tone was smooth as silk.

Cd18 & Cd19 are almost ready to release (August 15th 2007)
see for more information.

Opus 51:
June 15th, 2007
The recording of all four movements of the Horn quartet, opus 51 is done. I don't want to give this one away.
samples of the pieces are HERE

Opus 50:
May, 19th 2007
I recorded the original version of my opus 50 Duet for two hand horns (horn in E and G#)
I set out to revise it.

May 20th 2007
Revised the duet, the three page score is now 5 pages.

May 22nd
I had time to record half of the new version of the duet.

June 15th
I have been bust with other things, Duet will be posted today. Here
The score will be available by the end of the Summer.

Opus 144:
June 20, 2007
While I continue to make progress with this monstrous work, I keep adding movements to the first set based on the "creative" I Ching hexagram. This first instrumental cantata should be done before I leave the Music-in-the-Mountians festival.

Being that this work is a set of new scale tunings, My current goal is to complete the Meditation and choral of each of the 64 scales. This way we will all have a sense of the tonal mood. - work in progress

Early May 2007
I have defined the archetypal melody for each to the eight I Ching trigrams and platted the 64 archetypal melodies.

May 22nd 2007
the new I Ching scale system is near complete. Each scale has a different tonal center based on the over tones 64-128, but the system as a whole is in the key of F, with A at 432 or 27 hertz, the center tone of F is 21.6 hertz. I took me an hour,got lost in scale tone possibilities, but found the simple and correct answer, for my system, the A fits in as the simple 5, so a 5:4 ratio 27/21.6 is obvious.

May 23rd 2007
I will be working on the chart of color to tone, now that I have the exact hertz for each tone

Opus 75
Spring 2007
Seven Haiku for Horn Quartet
this work is recorded and can be heard here

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CD42 I sound My Horn

CD42 cover-88CD42
Music of
B. Heiden and Burdick


CD38 Matthew Locke:
Broken & Flatte Consorts
performed by a trio of French Horns

CD38 Richard Burdick performs trios from the late renaissance: CD 38 Locke-Brokenall 6 Broken Consort Suites and both Flatte Consort suites - 36 track of Christmas like music.

CD37 Microtonal music of Richard Burdick

CD37 Richard Burdick's compositions:
Earth & Moon, Op. 202
Polar Flux, Op. 204 Microtonal music of Richard Burdick

A multi-track recording of Mr. Burdick:
A microtonal duet (Op. 204) & quartet (Op. 202)

64 tones per octave.

CD36 Classical Natural Horn
Music By Duvernoy & Schneider

CD36 Classical Natural Horn
Music By Duvernoy & Schneider

CD36 Natural horn Burdick Beautiful authentic practice classical era natural horn music, for horn trio and duo.

A very popular style of music in Beethoven's lifetime.

CD35 Twenty-Two Trios
for Horns

CD35 Twenty-two Trios
fCD35or Horn, Op. 156

Nothing else like it for horn ensemble! These trios are full of memorable tunes interwoven in fascinating ways, with wonderful twists and turns.

CD34 Natural Horn Music FOUND

Thanks to IMSLP a number of works have come to my attention from moderately obscure CD34composers, which I'm happy to present here performed on the Natural horn. Nineteenth Century composers Du Puy, Comte de Champigny, Alexandre Javault, Johann Peter Heuschekel. Released February 2013.

CD32 American Horn Music
American Horn Music
of the 40's & 50's


“This CD proves that what may have sounded weird sixty years ago now sounds normal and often beautiful.”

There are many lesser-known 20th century composers, who have great worth!

Let’s not forget the music of:
Wendell Otey
Alan Hovhaness
Henry Cowell
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Gunther Schuller.