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Matthew Locke:
Broken and Flatte Consorts performed by a trio of French Horns. CD38 on CbBaby

Release date: December 5, 2015

This CD is really the Broken consort unbroken and the Flatte consort still flat.

Broken is an early Baroque terminology that refers to ensembles featuring instruments from more than one family, for example a group featuring both string and wind instruments. 

CD36 Natural HornThese have been transposed from their original notation to better fit the range of the horn. Each Suite has been names a fifth lower than the original.

With each one of these short works, my recording process involved choosing an initial tempo, sight-reading while recording to get a start on each part .While doing this, I was looking for interpretive inspiration. I tried to make each one of these tracks a little different - not just mordents, trill and the common turn, but actually improvise and then imitate. Dynamics and slurs, which were not notated back in 1661, became part of the ornaments.

My favourite for this is the slow part in the first Flatte Consort trio, where I created a big “noodle” part first in the second horn, and then on the repeat in the first horn, I am very happy with this piece in particular, and the CD overall. I rushed this one recording it in about three weeks, so I had some major playing time on my new horn.

I was in no way trying to be authentic in my interpretation of this music, instead, just self-expressive. I made this an exercise in diversity.

Rich B.

CD38 on CbBaby

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