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CD52: Found These TooCD52Find it on BandCamp

CD51: Microtonal I Ching CyclesCD51Find it on BandCamp

CD50: Motets of GastoldiCD50Find it on BandCamp

CD49: Brass Music of BurdickCD49Find it on BandCamp

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Newest Demo Video:

The Oliveros Interval Studies for horn (on youtube)

All That Is, Op. 253 by Richard Burdick

I Am Flying Home, Op. 18 by Richard Burdick


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Richard Burdick's I Ching Music

Yellowstone Suite No. 1, Opus 235 for chamber orchestra with video

About Richard's CD42 release: December 12th 2017
All 12 of my Symphonies for chamber orchestra can be heard here:

Change Inspires CreativityI Ching NEWS

Winter 2021

January 25:
A Review from from 2010 was found:
A new song for the old I Ching – the music of Richard Burdick

CD52 Released today: CD52 - Found These Too 

January 20, 2021
CD51 Released today: CD51 I Ching Cycles 

January 9, 2021:
CD50 - The Art of Richard O. Burdick                
More of Burdick's Brass

CD50 on DistroKid! check out the cool page!

Horn Quartet No. 7, Op. 299 completed in Dec. 2020

Two piano solos completed Dec. 23:
Almost Relentless, Op. 297 & Waves & Relentless, Op. 298

Opus 265   Horn Quartet No. 6 completed in Dec. 2020

Fall 2020

Opus 295 Duet for horn and ‘cello completed Nov. 2020

Opus 294 Duet for horn and piccolo completed Nov. 2020

Duet for clarinet and horn No. 2 Opus 291 completed Nov. 13

Duet for double bass and violoncello Opus 290 Oct. 14-20

Opus 289 Duet for horn and viola - completed Oct. 2020

Duet for horn and trombone. Opus 288 - completed Oct. 2020

Summer 2020

July 28, 2020: CD49 Brass Music of Richard O. Burdick is released. Press release

Hovhaness Press release

Prolferant Press release

Jul 9, 2020: I am very excited about the Music in the Mountains concert on line tonight!
My work: The Wind in the Woods & Fanfare for Symphony Brass and Percussion, Op. 192 Premieres; It's Absolutely HEAR-resistible

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CD45 is now available from BandCamp

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Nice review Burdick gab

Spring 2020

CD45 is now available from BandCamp

Book 1 Attunement An interview with Alan Hovhaness
publish April 20, 2020

CD48 released Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi motets and duets arr. for horn choir  Released (Easter) April 12, 2020

CD47 released I Ching Rhythms, Op. 209 for four horns
                                                                                  Released (Spring) April 2, 2020

CD46 released A Rainbow of I Ching Triads, Op. 186  March 22 2020

Winter 2020

(March 3rd 2020)
My Tuba Sonata, Op. 28 (1985) is now published:
You can hear the audio on MusicaNeo:

(March 2nd 2020)
My wind quintet:
Ramaprya, Op. 106 (1997) is now published:
You can hear the audio on musicaNeo


The same old clock

Best review ever:
"Burdick . . .produced a river of beautiful sounds that seemed to come from everywhere. His forte low register was assertive, clean and flexible; his middle and upper ranges floated on a seemingly inexhaustible stream of air. His rich tone was as smooth as silk.

Fall 2019

CD45My newest CD is now online for digital download:
CD45 North American
Horn Music
Music of Ewazen, Chavez, Plog, and Burdick

Saturday November 2; I have delivered a recording of my I Ching Chants, opus 244 to Rap artist Dan Innes who will create some rap to go over the top of parts of my work. This is the same day President Trump tweeted about UFC244.
Opus 244 and UFC 244 = same day!

I have slightly altered my video of Star Spangled Banner:

Summer 2019

demo for a job application

Schumann's Adagio & Allegro

On September 9th, I always remember Sept. 9, 1990 the day I won my first full-time job as a horn player - 4th horn Sacramento Symphony. Now 29 years latter still getting better and better.

Change Inspires Creativity
Thank you Gillette, Wyoming for this wonderful sign!
I Ching really means "Change".

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