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The musical compositions of Richard Burdick

Opus 159: (work in progress)

Waves and Particles
6 & 8 unspecified microtunable instruments


Opus 159,

The Wave is for six micro-tunable similar instruments, and
Paticles is for 8 micro-tunable similar instruments.

This has now been in creation since 2009 The particles section of the recording takes about 3 hours per track to record, each track has two exciting new chords and unbelivable complex poly-rythyms. I am like a child waiting to hear what the actual chord sounds like as it is layered together. The length of time this work is taking to complete is well worth the wait.

Totalism god.


CD28 Waves and Paricles volume one: WAVES is now available from cdBaby


xxxxRichard Burdick's opus 159 timings