The musical compositions of Richard Burdick
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Opus 93

Sextet No. 1 for Two Horns and Strings

Written early in 1996 is an important transitional work of mine. The main step forward is that I started to serialize the scale tones in relationship to the natural overtone series. I believe the tonic of the scale was assigned a whole note, the fifth having a strong power of three was given half note triplets, and similar assignments for the other scale tones.

This work led me directly to my opus 95 Universal rhythm. Where tones age given precisely the rhythm based on the overtone number (i.e. C:1, G:3, E:5 & D:9 etc. A:27) or the inverse, (C:27, A:1). The other item of interest is that movements 2,4, & 6 house thought on C60 - molecules that connect together in a pattern like a soccer ball, in a very strong symmetrical pattern. All three movements are very short. The entire work is written with string quartet without vibrato, and two natural horns. I do not know of a performance with natural horns yet. (now 2104, I think this work is better done with valve horns and string orchestra, not a sextet).

There are seven movements in this work:

I. The New Wave
II. Cellular Structure C60 No. 1
III. Focusing the Microscope
IV. Cellular Structure C60 No. 2
V. Allegretto
VI. Cellular Structure C60 No. 3
VII. Allegro



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  the ASCAP work ID is: 490835531

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