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The musical compositions of Richard Burdick

Opus 161:

Can be hear on my CD25 Nice Notes

The CD needed one more work, and in December 2009 when I finalized this CD, I was recording my Waves and Particles CD. In the Waves and Particles work, I had to tune each note outside of standard equal temperament which is pain-staking at best. In response to this microscopic approach to music, I found great pleasure in a freer approach. The final work “Sinfonia V and TX1, opus 161” are simple but effect movements. The Sinfonia follows a simple pattern where the melodies expand in time and as spaces are created, harmony is added in an expanding pattern from one scale step to two, three, four and ending with fifths or five scale tone intervals. The short and weird “TX1” was created after the following graphic design and realized for horn quartet.

Richard Burdick's opus 161 image

This work can be heard on CD25 "Nice Notes"


Sinfonia V is registered with ASCAP as # 2787622
Triangle Cross is registered with ASCAP as # 2787625

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