The musical compositions of Richard Burdick for:

Horn Ensembles

Solo Horn

Opus 43 "Sculpture I-III" for solo (multiphonic) horn1980-December 1987

Opus 48 "Sculpture IV" for solo (multiphonic) horn and two slide projectors. After P. Oliveros  December 1988
Opus 49  Sculpture V 'Dream in light blue" for solo horn
Opus 71 Sonatina for two horns in F  
Opus 77d Returning to the Source for solo hand horn in e    August 1993
Opus 83a Etude
Opus 88d Infinite for solo horn (alone)
Opus 122 Color Contrasts for solo horn
Opus 139, More than 64 solos for solo horn $25.00

Horn Duets

Opus 40 Twelve Duets for two horns 
Opus 50 Duet for two Hand horns 
Opus 119 Duets for two horns “finding the Mandala”
Opus 132 64 duets for two horn
Opus 134 Flowering love falling for two horns and Wind chimes, tubular bells or tape in five movements
Opus 148 "One -hundred-twenty-eight Amens" for two or more unspecified instruments that are micro-tunable

Horn Trios

Opus 36 Trios for horns; January 1987
Opus 125 Three trios and a quartet in G for horns
Opus 141--B Nice Notes . . .

Horn Quartets

Opus 39 Quartet (#1) for Horns 1987
Opus 51 Quartet in Bb (#2) for hand horns written for Lowell Greer
Opus 75 Seven Haiku for Horn Quartet (#3) February 1993
Opus 81 Variation on a theme for horn quartet (#4) (original Star Trek theme) January 1994
Opus 111c Sinfonia II version for horn quartet (#5)
Opus 136 “Quaratet” (#6) for four horn recorded on CD7
Opus 141--B Nice Notes . . .
Opus 149 "Amram visits Copland tomb " for horn quartet (#7)(June 2007)

Horn Sextets

Opus 144 64 Meditations and chorals (mostly six horn parts) - work in progress
Opus 141--B Nice Notes . . .
Opus 149 "Amram visits Copland tomb " for horn quartet (June 2007)

Opus 150 "We Give Thanks "for six unspecified instruments

Opus 154 Horn Quartet #8

Horn Octets

Opus 130a Octet for unspecified instruments