The musical compositions of Richard Burdick for:


Opus 2 Spectrum for Organ and Strings (1978-9)

Opus 4 Trinitization for Flute, oboe, horn, piano and strings; (Spring 1981)  

Opus 6 Chamber Symphony  1  ”Jupiter” (1982) (trumpet, horn, organ and strings)
Opus 52 Cantata for string orchestra  
Opus 73 Blue Straw in Sky for C melody instrument (flute, oboe or recorder), harpsichord and strings   February 1993 
Opus 93 Sextet for two natural horns and string quartet winter 1995-6  
Opus 102 "Planetary Ripples" for 16 similar instruments. Fall 1996
Opus 107 The Tenor for horn with three string quartets (music for 13 players) (or Quintet for Horn, String Quartet and tape).
Opus 128 Quintet for horn and strings
Opus 140 Chamber symphony # 9
version 2: for wind quintet and strings with optional trumpet
Opus 141 Avant Garde Pieces
--B Nice Notes . . .
Opus 148 "One -hundred-twenty-eight Amens" for two or more unspecified instruments that are micro-tunable
Opus 150 "We Give Thanks "for six unspecified instruments


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