The musical compositions of Richard Burdick with:


Opus 16 Polaris Overture for flute, oboe, trumpet, clarinet, horn, violin, ‘cello and organ.
Opus 26 Phoenix for violin, ‘cello and woodwind quintet
Opus 31 Trio for Violin, Horn and Piano  1986 rev. 1994  
Opus 32 Romance for violin, horn and piano 1986.  (revision 1994)
Opus 58 "Mandala III" for horn and violin
Opus 59 "King of Birds" for Narrator, Flute, Violin and Harpsichord
Opus 64 Astral Waves II  for Violin, Horn and Tape Jan. - March 1992
Opus 65 Flowing Lines of Silence  for Violin, Horn and Bass Clarinet Nov. - Dec. 1991
Opus 67 "Astral Waves III" for Violin, Horn, Percussion (MA)  and Tape July- August 1992 
Opus 72 Suite in D for Violin and Hand horn written for Jean    June 1992
Opus 83 Minuet, trio and finale for violin, horn and piano.
To  be performed as the second half of trio opus 31, but may be performed separately.
Opus 95.2.1 Chromatic universal rhythm violin & piano version 
Opus 95.4 Grand duo for violin and horn
Opus 96 Double Concerto for horn & violin  and orchestra premiered Spring 1996 in Davis
Opus 97 Gamut & Hay for flute, violin and horn and harpsichord (Spring 1996)
Opus 98 The Star for Violin, Oboe, Natural Horn and Harpsichord (1996)
Opus 111a Sinfonia II for violin, horn & piano
Opus 141 Avant Garde Pieces
--A (1/3/6)B Concerto for any instrument
--B Nice Notes . . .
Opus 148 "One -hundred-twenty-eight Amens" for two or more unspecified instruments that are micro-tunable
Opus 150 "We Give Thanks "for six unspecified instruments
Opus 151 "Gateway Through Stillness" for Violin solo with Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, 2 Bassoons, Trumpet and Horn.
See also string ensemble music