The musical compositions of Richard Burdick for:

Woodwind Quintet

Opus 5A Autumn from the Season Suite arranged for Woodwind Quintet

Opus 23B Fanfare for four winds; Woodwinds or brass

Opus 26 Phoenix for violin, ‘cello and woodwind quintet
Opus 33 Chamber Symphony # 4 for viola, ‘cello, bass, piano & woodwind quintet.
Opus 37 Sonata for Woodwind Quintet and Piano 1987
Opus 38 Suite in six movements for woodwind quintet 1987
Opus 46 Pastoral “for wind quintet
Opus 47 Suite #2 for Woodwind Quintet 1988
Opus 61 Dust Off (healing the wounds) for W. W. quintet  Summer 1991 written for David Granger (Solo Bassoon) Dedicated to Medical Aviators who served in the Vietnam conflict.
Opus 106 Ramaprya for Woodwind Quintet
Opus 140 Chamber symphony # 9
version 1: for wind quintet and piano with optional trumpet
version 2: for wind quintet and strings with optional trumpet
Opus 141 Avant Garde Pieces
--B Nice Notes . . .
Opus 77 Fanfare, opus 77e1