Giacomo Giovanni Gastoldi
Fun pieces for two players
Arranged for French horn duet
Richard Burdick

There are 12 duets in this 27 page book. Six of the duets are for horn 1 in the high range (up to high Bb) and horn 2 in the staff and a little below. A good range for both horns. The second set of six duets is lower for both parts. The second horn gets to read a fair amount of ledger lines below the treble clef staff, and is excellent practice for low horn players. Lot of fun here!

Giacomo Giovanni Gastoldi
(b. Caravaggio, ?; d. ? 1622)
Was the maestro di cappella at the church of Santa Barbara, Mantua, from about 1581 until his death in 1622. Before that served as a teacher of counterpoint. Of the music composed by Gastoldi, little is instrumental. He was the author of “Balletti a 5 per cantare, suonare, e ballare” (Venice, 1591—95; Antwerp, 1596), which are said to have served Morley as models for his “Ballets or Fa-las”. His later collections are “Balletti a 3 voci . . .” (1594) and “Canzo-nette a 3 voci”.
Gastoldi was one of the composers who wrote music for Guarini’s favola “Idropica”, per-formed at Mantua in 1608 (the others being Claudio and Giulio Cesare Monteverdi, Salomone Rossi, Monco and Paolo Biat).
Many of his collections were reprinted and influential in that they were imitated by notable composers such as Morley and Burdick.