Newest CD: (CD45) "North American Horn Music" CD45

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About Mr. Burdick's compositional use of I Ching:

"For almost forty years I have been using the I Ching as a foundation for my compositions.

I use it to shape stucture, melody, harmony, rythym, mood and as a tool for inspiration, I do not use the I Ching in a method that could even be described as chance.

The I Ching is a system from the ancient Chinese used for divination also known as the book of changes. It's a binary system with a range Info. Re. Burdick's I Chingof 64 possibilities  (8 x 8 = 64). The rising and falling energy flows in the hexagrams suggest music form, melody line, emphasis points and much more. The Pattern of the lines suggest scale patterns. The 64 different hexagrams give us 64 different scales,I Ching Scales V. 5and the correlation of the 64 scales to the harmonic series in the seventh octave gives each scale an individual vibration rate with the harmonics 64 through 128. It's a grand pattern full of musical color."
Richard O. Burdick

Yellowstone Suite No. 1, Opus 235 for chamber orchestra with video

About Richard's CD42 release: December 12th 2017
All 12 of my Symphonies for chamber orchestra can be heard here:

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CD45 North American Horn Music


  Music by: Ewazen, Chavez, Plog, & Burdick.

CD44 Opening the Sphinx

   In essences this is a vitamin pill of colors
   that are not in our normal auditory diet.

CD43 Horn music of Silvio Coscia

Music of
Silvio Coscia
-Horn Quartet
- 22 Duets


CD42 I sound My Horn

CD42 cover-88CD42
Music of
B. Heiden and Burdick
and Burdick


CD41 American Horn Music vol. 2

Burdick's CD41CD41 Music by:
R. Burdick
J. Graas, R. Johnson
J. Ott, A. M. Ingalis
A. D. Schmutz, T. Strong

CD40 Retrospective II
Horn Quartets No's 1 - 5

Burdick's CD40CD40 Retrospective II
Horn Quartets:
No. 1, Op. 39,
No. 2, Op. 51,
 No. 3, Op. 136,
  No. 4, Op. 149,
                       No. 5, Op. 154

CD39 Bach by Popular Demand

CD39 A sequel toCD39 cover-88
R. Burdick's
Easter Oratorio CD and his Favorites CD Bach Cantatas, 26, 84 & 99

CD38 Matthew Locke:
Broken & Flatte Consorts

CD38 Richard Burdick performs trios from the late renaissance: CD 38 Locke-Brokenall 6 Broken Consort Suites and both Flatte Consort suites - 36 track of Christmas like music.

CD37 Microtonal music of Richard Burdick

CD37 Richard Burdick's compositions:
Earth & Moon, Op. 202
Polar Flux, Op. 204 Microtonal music of Richard Burdick

A multi-track recording of Mr. Burdick:
A microtonal duet (Op. 204) & quartet (Op. 202)

64 tones per octave.

CD36 Classical Natural Horn
Music By Duvernoy & Schneider

CD36 Classical Natural Horn
Music By Duvernoy & Schneider

CD36 Natural horn Burdick Beautiful authentic practice classical era natural horn music, for horn trio and duo.

CD35 Twenty-Two Trios
for Horns

CD35 Twenty-two Trios
fCD35or Horn, Op. 156

Nothing else like it for horn ensemble! These trios are full of memorable tunes interwoven in fascinating ways, with wonderful twists and turns.

CD34 Natural Horn Music FOUND

Thanks to IMSLP a number of works have come to my attention from moderately obscure CD34composers, which I'm happy to present here performed on the Natural horn. Nineteenth Century composers Du Puy, Comte de Champigny, Alexandre Javault, Johann Peter Heuschekel. Released February 2013.

CD33 More than sixty-four Quartets

More than 64 QuartetsCD33
for horns based on the I Ching, Op. 178

CD32 American Horn Music
American Horn Music
of the 40's & 50's


CD32 “This CD proves that what may have sounded weird sixty years ago now sounds normal and often beautiful.”

There are many lesser-known 20th century composers, who have great worth!

Let’s not forget the music of:
Wendell Otey
Alan Hovhaness
Henry Cowell
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Gunther Schuller.

I Ching NEWS

Fall 2019

CD45My newest CD is now online for digital download:
CD45 North American
Horn Music
Music of Ewazen, Chavez, Plog, and Burdick

Saturday Novemeber 2; I have delivered a recording of my I Ching Chants, opus 244 to Rap artist Dan Innes who will create some rap to go over the top of parts of my work. This is the same day President Trump tweeted about UFC244.
Opus 244 and UFC 244 = same day!

I have slightly altered my video of Star Stangled Banner:

Summer 2019

demo for a job application Schumann's Adagio & Alegro

On September 9th, I always remember Sept. 9, 1990 the day I won my first full-time job as a horn player - 4th horn Sacramento Symphony. Now 29 years latter still getting better and better.

Change Inspires CreativityThank you Gillette, Wyoming for this wonderful sign! I Ching really means "Change".

FALL 2018

A big THANK YOU to composer Andrew Imbrie (Pulitzer prize finalist in 1995) for teaching me to use Black-line printing for my compositions in the 1970's. I am proud to have had his influence.Richard Burdick's black-line printed music

I was very happy to see when I searched for "Handel trio clarinet horn" my demo video for my composition "Flowing Lines of Silence" came up right at the top.Burdick FLowing Lines of Silence



The demo of Richard Burdick's Yellowstone Suite, Opus 235 is now available on you tube for your listening a watching pleasure; enjoy.

Richard's Self Improvement tip

Richard Reccomends
Swanee River Whey

Composer Richard Burdick talks about his inside scoops on Elvis
and the Beatles
I have been proud to be the leader of the “Music in the Mountains” summer festival horn section, my 26th year with the festival. Plaudits to Cara Jones (2nd), Frank Hammarin (3rd), Phil Richardson (4th). What great fun; 7 concerts in 12 days.Mim horn sectoin 2018

An Interesting article on immigration to the U. S. A. in 1901 click here

A sucessful run of performances for Music in the Mountians in Grass Valley, California. Seven concerts in twelve days! June 22 - July 3, 2018 my 26th year with the festival.

The Mindset, Op. 242 nonet is complete almost the same time the U.S.A. celebrates its 242 year.


Declaration of Religion and Patriotism

Hard work on things that have not been released yet: Op. 242 The Mind Set and Op. 236 The Obvoius.

WINTER 2017-8

Hard work on things that have not been released yet, must notably microtonal works: Opus 206 HLP Flows, Op. 207 Eternal Melody And Op. 232 I Ching Harmonic Signatures.

FALL 2017

CD42 I sound My Horn
released December 12, 2017

Spring 2017

I recorded a video with my Wagner Tuba (May 10, 2017): Wagner Tuba Solo

Opus 231 "The Woodpecker for oboe, clarinet and videotape" was completed April 16, 2016

Mr. Burdick performed Strauss's Horn Concerto No. 2 with the Regina Symphony Orchestra on April 8, 2017

The Quartetto for clarinet, eb horn (natural horn), viola and cello by Carl Stamitz is now published

CD41 "American Horn Music vol. 2" released Oct. 27 2016

CD40 "Retrospective II Horn Quartets No's 1 - 5 released Sept. 9, 2016

I Received a really nice note about my performance in the show "Cinderella" this August. "Thank you Richard your majestic playing has coloured this production with grandeur!"

Nice note

CD40 (9-9-2016) is now one CdBaby.

CD39 is being release August 3rd, 2016 - A Squeal to CD15 Bach Easter Oratorio and my Favorites album - CD17.

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Love & Gratitude A