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The musical compositions of Richard Burdick

Opus 78:

Music From a Coffee House for Orchestra
Written in 1993 for 17 actors and orchestra, this work is intended as a piece to be used for fund-raising. It is recommended that the orchestra should have a special fund-raising drive in which the top 17 donors get to participate in the coffee house in front of the orchestra. The top donor would be the waiter.
This is a fairly complex work with instruments corresponding to the different actors. The tonality of the work is a poly modal one where the different instruments who are accompanying the actors play in modes as determined by the actors; relationship to the waiters table.
(August 2009) I have found an early work of a similar nature in my stacks of old compositions.

Here is the last page (page 54) of the score:

Richard Burdick's "Music from a Coffee House, opus 78"

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There is another earier version of "Music from a coffee house" it may be "nicer."

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