The musical compositions of Richard Burdick
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Opus 200

I Ching Scales version 5

the perfect and final version of Richard Burdick's I Ching scales

This work exists in a cute little book form.

This is available from MusicaNeo

Richard Burdick's I CHign Scale v. 5

I use this book as one of my most important references

Also as part of opus 200 are the books:

Scales Games
Melodic and Arpeggio thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths and sevenths all in the scale.

Scales Archetypes

A book with just the Archetypal Melodies

Scales Overtone Rows
A book with just the OT Rows

Scales, Harmonic Rows, Vortex Breathing and Choral

a book with the scale, harmonic row (ascending and descending), overtone row with scale (ascending and descending) Vortex Breathing, Op. 179 and Choral

Scales with Base tones

A simple book with the Scale and base tone in simple two part

Yin Yang melodies

Charts used in the secret locked web pages

Overtone melodies

an exploration of melodies based on the OT row.

Scales Complete Overtone Rows

Charts used in the secret locked web pages that shows the OT row with all harmonics, generally 1 -32

I Ching Melodies

a re-working of opus 169, where melodies are made from the OTR plus a + or - direction, which is use extensively in Opus 236

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CD42 I sound My Horn

CD42 cover-88CD42
Music of
B. Heiden and Burdick


CD41 American Horn Music vol. 2

Burdick's CD41Music by:
R. Burdick
J. Graas, R. Johnson
J. Ott, A. M. Ingalis
A. D. Schmutz, T. Strong

CD40 Retrospective II
Horn Quartets No's 1 - 5

Burdick's CD40Retrospective II
Horn Quartets:
No. 1, Op. 39,
No. 2, Op. 51,
 No. 3, Op. 136,
  No. 4, Op. 149,
                       No. 5, Op. 154

CD39 Bach by Popular Demand

CD39 A sequel toCD39 cover-88
R. Burdick's
Easter Oratorio CD and his Favorites CD Bach Cantatas, 26, 84 & 99

CD38 Matthew Locke:
Broken & Flatte Consorts

CD38 Richard Burdick performs trios from the late renaissance: CD 38 Locke-Brokenall 6 Broken Consort Suites and both Flatte Consort suites - 36 track of Christmas like music.

CD37 Microtonal music of Richard Burdick

CD37 Richard Burdick's compositions:
Earth & Moon, Op. 202
Polar Flux, Op. 204 Microtonal music of Richard Burdick

A multi-track recording of Mr. Burdick:
A microtonal duet (Op. 204) & quartet (Op. 202)

64 tones per octave.

CD36 Classical Natural Horn
Music By Duvernoy & Schneider

CD36 Classical Natural Horn
Music By Duvernoy & Schneider

CD36 Natural horn Burdick Beautiful authentic practice classical era natural horn music, for horn trio and duo.

A very popular style of music in Beethoven's lifetime.

CD35 Twenty-Two Trios
for Horns

CD35 Twenty-two Trios
fCD35or Horn, Op. 156

Nothing else like it for horn ensemble! These trios are full of memorable tunes interwoven in fascinating ways, with wonderful twists and turns.

CD34 Natural Horn Music FOUND

Thanks to IMSLP a number of works have come to my attention from moderately obscure CD34composers, which I'm happy to present here performed on the Natural horn. Nineteenth Century composers Du Puy, Comte de Champigny, Alexandre Javault, Johann Peter Heuschekel. Released February 2013.

CD32 American Horn Music
American Horn Music
of the 40's & 50's


“This CD proves that what may have sounded weird sixty years ago now sounds normal and often beautiful.”

There are many lesser-known 20th century composers, who have great worth!

Let’s not forget the music of:
Wendell Otey
Alan Hovhaness
Henry Cowell
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
Gunther Schuller.