The musical compositions of Richard Burdick with:

Hand Bells, Percussion or Timpani

Opus 9 The Inner Ring for Bell Choir (Summer 1983)
Opus 25 The Ocean for Tenor, horn, percussion and organ
Opus 67 "Astral Waves III" for Violin, Horn, Percussion (MA)  and Tape July- August 1992 
Opus 70 Full Circle for Horn and Timpani October 30   -   November 19 1992
Opus 76 QuadRhumba for Flute, Xylophone,  2 horns and timpani           
June 1993 Premiered August 10th 1993 @ Bear Valley music festival.
Opus 82 The Peacock for Flute, Horn, Vibraphone and Bass. (April 1994) Premiered August 1994 @ Bear Valley music festival.  
Opus 89 Timpani Concerto for Stan Lunetta
(oboe/english horn, horn, bass clarinet, percussion, and strings or tape with the solo) (March ‘94-April ‘95)
Opus 134 Flowering love falling for two horns and Wind chimes, tubular bells or tape in five movements
Opus 141 Avant Garde Pieces
--A (1/3/6)B Concerto for any instrument
--B Nice Notes . . .
Opus 150 "We Give Thanks "for six unspecified instruments