The musical compositions of Richard Burdick for:
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Horn in chamber ensembles



Opus 1 Five Bagatelles for brass trio (1110) 1978 $ 8.00
Opus 4 Trinitization for Flute, oboe, horn, piano and strings; (Spring 1981)
Opus 5A Autumn from the Season Suite arranged for Woodwind Quintet
Opus 5 Season Suite for Woodwind Octet (1982)
Opus 6 Chamber Symphony  1  ”Jupiter” (1982) (trumpet, horn, organ and strings)
Opus 7 A Symmetry & Asymmetry for wind quintet (1982)
Opus 8 Pluto, for Flute, horn, ‘cello and harp (Summer 1983)  
Opus 9A The Inner Ring for woodwind quintet  1982 premiere 10/14/82  
Opus 10 The Middle Ring for Brass Quintet performed twice by the New Albion Brass Quintet.  
Opus 10B Mars for horn quartet, 1983  

Opus 11 Blue Stone Fantasy for Flute, Horn, ‘cello and Harp  

Opus 12 Serenade #1 for brass trio 1983  
Opus 13 Serenade # 2 for oboe, clarinet, 2 horns , ‘cello and bass 1983  
Opus 16 Polaris Overture for flute, oboe, trumpet, clarinet, horn, violin, ‘cello and organ.
Opus 17 A Puff of smoke for flute and horn 1983 rev. 1993
Opus 18 Seraphic Meditation for soprano or English horn, horn and organ
Performed on the Trinity Chamber Concerts 1984
Opus 19 The Planets for solo horn (many performances)

Opus 20 The Pivot Point for oboe, English horn, two horns, & two bassoons. $ 8.00

Opus 21 Luxor sketched for two horns.
Opus 23 Sonata I for horn and Piano
Opus 25 The Ocean for Tenor, horn, percussion and organ
Opus 26 Phoenix for violin, ‘cello and woodwind quintet
Opus 29 Horn Sonata # 2
Opus 31 Trio for Violin, Horn and Piano  1986 rev. 1994  
Opus 32 Romance for violin, horn and piano 1986.  (revision 1994)
Opus 33 Chamber Symphony # 4 for viola, ‘cello, bass, piano & woodwind quintet.

Opus 35 Duet for Clarinet and Horn, Trios; January 1987

Opus 36 Trios for horns; January 1987
Opus 37 Sonata for Woodwind Quintet and Piano 1987
Opus 38 Suite in six movements for woodwind quintet 1987
Opus 39 Quartet for Horns 1987
Opus 40 Twelve Duets for two horns 
Opus 41 Andante “Victoria” for horn and organ  
Opus 42 Sonata for Horn and Organ
Opus 43 "Sculpture I-III" for solo (multiphonic) horn1980-December 1987
Opus 44 "Moments When We See. . . " for horn and tape
Opus 45 The  Outer Ring for brass trio1983 Rev. February 1988
Opus 46 Pastoral “for wind quintet
Opus 47 Suite #2 for Woodwind Quintet 1988
Opus 48 "Sculpture IV" for solo (multiphonic) horn and two slide projectors. After P. Oliveros  December 1988
Opus 49  Sculpture V 'Dream in light blue" for solo horn
Opus 50 Duet for two Hand horns 
Opus 51 Quartet in Bb for hand horns written for Lowell Greer
Opus 53 The Hermit for horn and organ 
Opus 54 Duo for Horn and String Bass.
Opus 55 Romance for horn (or Bassoon) and piano
Opus 56a Concerto for horn and strings with timpani and marimba (July-October 1990)
Opus 56b Concerto for horn and band
Opus 58 "Mandala III" for horn and violin
Opus 60 Concerto for two horns March - July 1991
Opus 61 Dust Off (healing the wounds) for W. W. quintet  Summer 1991 written for David Granger (Solo Bassoon) Dedicated to Medical Aviators who served in the Vietnam conflict.

Opus 62 Astral Waves I for horn and tape  August - October 1991

Opus 63 Little G minor Fanfare  for brass choir (4231)  November 1991
Opus 64 Astral Waves II  for Violin, Horn and Tape Jan. - March 1992
Opus 65 Flowing Lines of Silence  for Violin, Horn and Bass Clarinet Nov. - Dec. 1991
Opus 66 "The Hunt" for Woodwind Octet (0222 2000)
Opus 67 "Astral Waves III" for Violin, Horn, Percussion (MA)  and Tape July- August 1992 
Opus 68 "Mocking Bird Sonata" for  Horn and piano    July- September 1992
Opus 69a Weed Trio, (theme and variations) for Flute and two horns. 
Opus 70 Full Circle for Horn and Timpani October 30   -   November 19 1992
Opus 71 Sonatina for two horns in F  
Opus 72 Suite in D for Violin and Hand horn written for Jean    June 1992
Opus 74 Horn Concerto #2 for horn (with clarinet, harp, 4 percussion and strings)  January 1993  
Opus 75 Seven Haiku for Horn Quartet February 1993
Opus 76 QuadRhumba for Flute, Xylophone,  2 horns and timpani           
June 1993 Premiered August 10th 1993 @ Bear Valley music festival.
Opus 77b Mercury for horn and tape; a Space music thing 8/1993
Opus 77d Returning to the Source for solo hand horn in e    August 1993
Opus 81 Variation on a theme for horn quartet (original Star Trek theme) January 1994
Opus 83 Minuet, trio and finale for violin, horn and piano.
To  be performed as the second half of trio opus 31, but may be performed separately.
Opus 83a Etude
Opus 86 Wailing for horn, piano and computer realized tape (Nov. - Dec. 1994)
Opus 88 Infinite for solo horn with tape loop  work in progress forever
Opus 88d Infinite for solo horn (alone)
Opus 90 Calypso for symphony brass ensemble. Summer 1997
Opus 93 Sextet for two natural horns and string quartet winter 1995-6  
Opus 95.2.1 Chromatic universal rhythm horn & piano version 
Opus 95.4 Grand duo for violin and horn
Opus 96 Double Concerto for horn & violin  and orchestra premiered Spring 1996 in Davis
Opus 97 Gamut & Hay for flute, violin and horn and harpsichord (Spring 1996)
Opus 98 The Star for Violin, Oboe, Natural Horn and Harpsichord (1996)
Opus 103 Trio #1 for Clarinet, Horn & Bassoon Trios. April 1997
Opus 104 Great & Small for Natural horn, Bassoon and Harpsichord
Opus 105 Trio #2 for Clarinet, Horn & Bassoon Trios premiered April 1997
Opus 106 Ramaprya for Woodwind Quintet
Opus 107 The Tenor for horn with three string quartets (music for 13 players) (or Quintet for Horn, String Quartet and tape).
Opus 108 Duet for Horn & Flute for Eric & Liz.
Opus 111c Sinfonia II version for horn quartet
Opus 111a Sinfonia II for violin, horn & piano
Opus 113 Sinfonia IV for horn & piano on CD1
Opus 115 Brass trio in Two Movements
Opus 116 Short fanfare for two trumpets or trumpet and Horn available here free
Opus 117 Sonata for horn & piano in four movements
Opus 118 Horn Concerto #3 for horn with brass quintet
Opus 119 Duets for two horns “finding the Mandala”
Opus 120 Trio for horn ‘cello & piano
Opus 121 St. Patrick’s Breast Plate.
A ceremonial piece for a baptism. Bass narrator & singer, horn, piano & organ.
Opus 122 Color Contrasts for solo horn
Opus 123 Short Brass Trio
Opus 124 Chamber Symphony #5 for 12 players
Opus 125 Three trios and a quartet in G for horns
Opus 126 Trio sonata for horn, cello and piano (work in progress)
Opus 127 Chamber Symphony # 6 for clarinet, horn, piano, bass and tape
Opus 127 Chamber Symphony # 6 for clarinet, horn, piano, bass and tape
Opus 129 “Preponderance of the great” for horn, ‘cello, piano and tape
Opus 131 Grace & harmony for natural horn, ‘cello and piano
Opus 132 64 duets for two horn
Opus 133 Chamber Symphony # 7 for clarinet, horn, piano, bass and tape
Opus 134 Flowering love falling for two horns and Wind chimes, tubular bells or tape in five movements
Opus 135 Horn & clarinet duet
Opus 136 “Quaratet” for four horn recorded on CD7
Opus 137 Five songs for soprano, horn & ‘cello
Opus 139, More than 64 solos for solo horn $25.00
Opus 141 Avant Garde Pieces
--A (1/3/6)B Concerto for any instrument
--B Nice Notes . . .
Opus 142b Duet for Horn & Oboe available here free
Opus 144 64 Meditations and chorals (mostly six horn parts) - work in progress
Opus 145b "Five anonymous pieces" for Brass quintet
Opus 147 Variations on a fragment by Beethoven for flute, 3 Natural Horns & Bassoon (2007)
Opus 148 "One -hundred-twenty-eight Amens" for two or more unspecified instruments that are micro-tunable
Opus 149 "Amram visits Copland tomb " for horn quartet (June 2007)
Opus 150 "We Give Thanks "for six unspecified instruments
Opus 151 "Gateway Through Stillness" for Violin solo with Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, 2 Bassoons, Trumpet and Horn.
Opus 153 "Jazz Horn Sonata" horn and piano
Opus 154 Horn Quartet #8
Opus 155 Trio for Flute, clarinet and horn

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