The musical compositions of Richard Burdick
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Twenty Etudes
for the Advanced Horn Student
by Ron Randall

by Ron Randall

Contained within this folder are a series of compositions for unaccompanied horn, which were designed to increase range, endurance, accuracy and technical proficiency. The etudes in this series, while generally harmonically straightforward, gradually help the student to approach and conquer technical problems horn players are frequently expected to deal with in serious musical settings. Rather than replace other etudes, exercises and excerpts, they are intended to augment their effectiveness.

All articulations and tempi are to be performed exactly as indicated. In those etudes where phrase marks are included (other than merely to clear up a potential ambiguity in phrasing), attempt only to breathe where indicated. If further breaths are required within such a passage, be certain that the musicality of the phrase is maintained.

These etudes are deceptive in their apparent simplicity. Noticeable improvements in all areas of technique have been observed after just days of work on these studies. With proper application of good practice habits, the student can expect a marked increase in stamina, useable range, accuracy and clean articulations.

It is recommended that the student work on more than one of these at a time. While working on one of the latter ones that uses a great deal of high range playing, Etude No.16 may be used to help relax the muscles around the lip and regain strength before going on without ceasing playing altogether, if so desired. Care should always be taken to produce good tone quality in all ranges using the proper technique. Pressure and pinChing should always be avoided.

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