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Seven or Eight tones?
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7 or 8 tone scales?

The common symbolic correlation of the seven tone scale is a correlation to the seven chakras (I call them encents) of the human body. Natural suggests an eight tone scale.

For some unknown reason, scales evolved to be seven tones.
The lower half of the scales are okay, since they are quite
similar to the harmonic series, but theorist or musicians duplicated the lower half in the upper half of the octave, which is way off of natural harmonic series.

The historical creation of a seven tone scale may be very old. It is common to see the greek modes as seven tone scales, as were the medeval church modes. Newer information about actual Greek modes may be radically different than what we have thought for the last 1000 plus years. One mode may be a six tone scales, another a seven and others eight and nine tone scales!!!!

The harmonic series, which is also sort of a binary system like the I Ching has one tone in the first octave, two in the second, four in the third, and eight tones in the fourth octave. To us, who are so used to hearing only seven tones in the octave, having eight tones is a big shift, but more natural.

In my I Ching scales (version 3) There are eight major scales that have tones that all fit into the harmonic series below the 32nd partial.